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We are experts in heavy hauling and general equipment transport for construction, agricultural, railroad and forestry industries. With dump trucks stationed throughout the island, we are able to haul your materials or equipment at a more affordable rate than our competitors. Our drivers are experienced professionals in this industry and can meet any and all of your heavy haul and equipment transportation demands.

Our experience

Marshall Brothers Construction has over 40+ quad axle material hauling and dump trucks to meet all your needs. Our fleet serves a variety of needs for residential, commercial and municipal customers including: aluminum box dumps for maximum payload, sturdy rock boxes for hauling the roughest materials, and live bottoms for shouldering and asphalt. Whether you need materials delivered or unwanted materials removed, we haul it all!

Hauling Services

Agricultural Farm Supplies
Sand, Gravel

Building Materials

Construction Materials
Heavy Equipment

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High Standards

We take pride in our reliability, professionalism and ethics


Decades of experience in the construction industry


We offer the most cost-effective solutions in Grenada

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We strive to finish projects on time and on budget

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