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With a background in civil engineering and decades of combined experience in construction, Marshall Brothers Construction Company Ltd has built its reputation as an expert in large-scale commercial construction in Grenada.Over the years, Marshall Brothers Construction Ltd has been involved in the construction of several large public works projects.


From developing new projects to renovating old structures, Marshall Brothers’ creative team of experts comes with creative solutions for our clients. Civil engineers are those tasked with turning designs into actual structures or more specifically, working to provide sustainable living through urban infrastructure. We balance out the needs of a growing society for engineered water, energy, transportation, sanitation and information systems against the environment in a cost-effective and resource-effective manner. Our engineers spend their time working in-office designing and engineering structures, as well as reviewing project-specific required standards. Marshall Brothers understand the need for governments as well as private sector organisations to operate and maintain public urban infrastructures to keep up with living standards and to further create conditions for sustainable development.

Our team of experts is more than capable of carrying out the field’s requirements. Our civil engineers are knowledgeable in all aspects of construction and are able to come up with solutions to any design or technical complexity in the planning or construction phase. We know the importance of performing quality control on construction sites.

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