• Project will launch in February 2023
• Digital Growth Inc. bringing free wi-fi to thousands of people
• Collaboration with the Grenada Ports Authority

Digital Growth Inc. – Grenada’s leader in digital marketing innovations – announces free wi-fi at the St. George’s Bus Terminal for all patrons.

In partnership with the Grenada Ports Authority, Digital Growth Inc. plans to bring the initiative onstream in February 2023. It would make the St. George’s Bus Terminal the first in the OECS to offer free wi-fi.

The free Wi-fi project aims to solve a problem that thousands of Grenadians face every day: the lack of access to data on their mobile phones while commuting. The vendors within the Terminal would also benefit from free internet access.

Users can connect to the wi-fi access point after watching a short ad on their phone. With an estimated 30,000 people passing through the Bus Terminal daily, it is believed this will present new advertising opportunities for local businesses.

Digital Growth Inc. – based in Paddock, St. George – is a results-driven business development agency that helps clients solve problems through digital marketing, innovation, and technology. The Company was founded in 2021 and currently employs 11 people.

For more information on the project, Digital Growth Inc can be contacted on 418-8069, via email at team@digitalgrowthinc.com or through their website, www.digitalgrowthinc.com.

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